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Ludovic Biyong

Tech Entrepreneur

About Ludovic Biyong

Predicting the behavior of humans and systems. Sure, to some it may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. But Ludovic Biyong, Founder of PA2M QUANTUM, has more or less built a career off of this skill. A young Cameroonian computer engineer and entrepreneur pioneer, Ludovic trained in France where he learned to focus his love for algorithms and turn that passion into an exceptional professional skill.

We could start the story back in 2013 when Ludovic created two companies, PA2M QUANTUM and, the ladder a general information website about Cameroon — run 100% by AI. With a passion for showing the world that Africa isn’t far behind the rest of the pack when it comes to tech, Ludovic returned to Cameroon in 2017 to reside permanently.

But it’s better to trace the story back to his underlying – and, seemingly intrinsic – ability to produce and embody excellence.

The underlying passion behind Ludovic’s work is to see all Africa thrive in the area of technology and commerce by equipping the people to harness and master available innovations, IT, computing, electronics, and communications. “I’m excited by what I’m seeing,” says Ludovic. “The internet has been deeply embraced by urban Africans, as they are driven by the need to connect with family and friends and by the increasing affordability and accessibility of Internet-capable mobile phones.”

Ludovic Biyong sees a great future available for his fellow Cameronnians, and he says his work is, in some ways, really just picking up on the existing hunger and craving for prosperity in an emerging economy. “I want to help support the enormous talent, passion, and diversity that the people of my native country have to offer.” One of Ludovic’s lifelong goals is to have an online crowdfunding platform where driven entrepreneurs in Cameroon can seek investors to create and innovate the future of the country. With a desire to help people, Ludovic Biyong has earned a reputation for himself not as an entrepreneur solely interested in personal achievements but in chasing down excellence so he can help the people around him and, subsequently, the world.

From 2005-2005, Ludovic Biyong received formal training as a Software Engineer at Unisys. From there, he moved into the role of Software Engineer at Winwise, developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably and efficiently. From there, he moved into the role of Director at Cap Atila Group until 2012.

From 2012-2013, Ludovic Biyong attended FTA Global, a world-class commercial flight academy based in Brighton, UK. Here, he spent 100 hours as pilot-in-command, with cross-country flights and solo take-offs.

PA2M QUANTUM is dedicated to accelerating the sales and profits of the organizations it partners with and is dedicated to modern mathematics (statistics learning) and the sole objective of predicting unobserved information.

Ludovic Biyong studied at Lycee Charlemagne and later at I.G.P.D.E. and EPITA where he received his Master of Computer Science.

For more, be sure to follow Ludovic online to stay up to date with the latest insights and updates into his career, professional work, and passions!